I’m especially interested in pursuing projects that engage with the governance of nature and animals but through a variety of formats, including performance, non-academic writing, photography, and video. 

The Leopard Tree – Copyright Jayamma Belliah- The Bandipur Book

The Bandipur Book: This in-progress project will serve as a digital archive of photo essays produced by 6 villagers living along the fringes of Bandipur Tiger Reserve in Karnataka, India. I worked with these collaborators to develop and edit their personal photo essays about living with wildlife in a hybrid critical conservation area and agricultural landscape. I am working with the People’s Archive of Rural India to permanently and safely archive their materials online. The first photo-essay, by Jayamma Belliah, is available here. Additional photoessays will be released on PARI‘s site throughout Spring 2017, with a print edition in the works for Winter 2018.

Hayalî Residency: In May 2017 I will be performing a lecture by the fictitious scientist and policy wonk Jeffrey Godfray on “Opportunities for carbon capture in the Anthropocene” as part of sculptor and curator Sera Boeno’s 2017 Hayalî Residency, “an imaginary institution with imaginary residents working on imaginary themes.” Details forthcoming.

Tree Tenant Project: This is a new project I’m working to develop to recast architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser’s idea of “tree tenants” in the context of property divestment, urban (re)development, and the politics of trees in the city.

I am involved in lots of theater projects, especially with the baltimore rock opera society, which I co-founded in 2007. As an actor I’ve thought through state-space politics in Annex Theater’s adaptation of Ursula K. Le Guin’s “The Left Hand of Darkness” in winter 2014, and animal-becoming in an adaptation of Richard Adams’ “Watership Down” in spring 2015. I helped produce “The Determination of Azimuth“, an experimental movement-and-sound-theater performance exploring the life of Katherine Johnson, an African-American “human computer” who overcame racism and gender stereotypes to become of the most important NASA mathematicians and members of the Apollo Program.

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